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We Are The World: A Reliable Portal To Build The Change In Society

According to the study on more than one billion status updates, positive emotions are more contagious as compared to negative ones. However, we see people on different social media networks spreading news filled with negativity and propaganda. The current social and political environment gives a lot of hatred among people that can cause a negative impact on our society. In such a scenario, it is important to spread happiness, peace and love in our surroundings as their impact is rooted and deep in our psychology. In such a scenario, social media plays a significant role to bring a huge transformation in society and connect like minds.

Well, there are many social media platforms available where you can share the latest updates, news, quotes and images relevant in technology, fashion, environmental, health and fitness and entertainment. But, have you heard about any simple and reliable portal which allows you to share only positive thoughts, quotes, images and videos? Well, We Are The World is one such portal to build a creative community for peace that helps you to share posts related to love, peace, happiness and humanity.

However, sometimes you want to give back to your society but due to your busy schedule, it becomes quite daunting. You may not find time for visiting an orphanage, old age homes and giving them good food, clothes etc., which is also a positive gesture to spread humanity and love. Hence, you can join helping hands by creating a profile on We Are The World and encourage people to bring betterment in society by using the power of social media. We Are The World helps you to share and promote actions that encourage peace and love in the world. You can share messages, photos and videos that hold a deep meaning about peace and humanity.

What type of posts you can share on We Are The World?

Share Messages: You can share positive thoughts, motivational messages or quotes to eradicate the increased negative updates.

Share Happy Images: You can share happy and funny images through your account to bring the attention of views to spread positivity.

Share Lovely Videos: You can share cute videos on animals, babies and birds. This type of stuff can improve the mood of viewers.

Besides this, you can also search members of this community who are contributing to spreading love, peace and humanity through their posts. Well, sharing such stuff helps you to encourage and motivate others to do the same.


As social media has become the most powerful tool to share your views, why don't you use it to spread only happiness around you. So, would you like to start your day by sharing something positive though We Are The World account? Well, your small, positive gesture will bring a smile to many faces, spread happiness around you and the world. Whether it is a funny video, cute animal compilation or motivating story, you can spread so much happiness and peace on your social media chain.

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