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How To Spread Happiness Around You And The World?

Imagine a world where nobody is in pain or sufferings, everybody is happy and has no complaints about life. What an amazing world that would be? Now the question is how can you create a world that you have imagined or how can you spread happiness around you and the world? Well, a small effort of yours can give a great impact on society. Whether you serve poor children, distribute cloths to senior citizens living in an old age home or contribute to the education of any underprivileged child, your act will promote peace, love and kindness in the world.

If you are one of those people who are quite busy with their daily life but want to contribute to the betterment of society, you can also spread happiness and love. You might not know how to start, you can have plenty of options to start with around you, at school, at work, family, friends, with your kids and even with the strangers on a street. Moreover, consider following 5 tips in your everyday life to spread happiness around the world and connect like minds.

  • Smile!

Smile, this is a small word but the best way to spread happiness among people around you while making your day. You don't have to find any reason to be happy, just create your own happiness; think about something good, smile and see the difference.

  • Compliment Others!

Be genuine. Say something good to someone. This makes you feel good as you are spreading positive thoughts and words with the people around you. You can compliment your partner, say a few good words to your co-worker or praise your office boy.

  • Hide a Surprising Note!

Leave a short note with an encouraging or loving sentence in your child's or partner's lunch box, book that he or she is going to read. That small effort will put a wide smile on their face and bring joy in your heart.

  • Express Your Gratitude!

There are many people in your life, who make your life easier and you often forget to express your gratitude towards them. Whether he is your driver, a lift man, or a watchman, you can express your gratitude by saying a simple "Thank You."

  • Be a Member Of Any Website Spreading Kindness And Happiness!

You may find numerous websites that allow people to spread love, peace and inspiration by sharing positive quotes, photos and videos. In this way, you can join a creative community for peace and use the power of social media to bring positivity around you.

We Are The World is one such website that helps in sharing and promoting actions that encourage peace, love and happiness in the world. This is a simple platform where users can share encouraging images & videos, positive quotes and messages through their profile and contribute to make this world a better place to live.

Therefore, just try to give out those positive vibes to everyone and let happiness become contagious!