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World Peace Day: Let's Join An Online Community To Spread Peace With "We Are The World"

21 September is annually observed as "The International Day of Peace", which is also known as "World Peace Day". The day is celebrated globally in around 193 member states of the United Nations. Firstly effectuated in the year 1982, 21 September was selected to commemorate and strengthen the value of peace.

Millions of people throughout the world participate in the activities and celebrations of International Peace Day through parades, holding prayer vigils and most importantly, by helping others. Commonly, school children make and display peace messages, recite stories or poetry over peace. Some members of society get engaged in cross-cultural discussions as well as in peace education. Moreover, some people do meditation on this day and encourage others to do the same. In short, there is no specific way to celebrate "World Peace Day" as there is a common goal of world peace.

Now, if you also want to take part in the celebration of “world peace day 2019” and do something different, then you can be a member of the "We Are the World". This is a website that facilitates users to spread peace and love around them posting the quotes, images and videos over peace. With easy-to-use features, great user interface and reliability, the website has gained great popularity among people who seek a platform to share posts related to positivity, love, humanity and happiness.

If you are so busy and can't find time to join activities and celebrations for World Peace Day, then you can join this website today. You can take an initiative to strengthen the value of peace with "We are the World". A simple gesture to spread the peace and love will help you to encourage several people around you. Regardless of the skin colour, religion, place or status, you will teach people to love each other, help the needy individuals and motivate others.

To become a member of "We are the World", you just have to follow some simple steps listed below and it will be all done.

  • Create an Account: First of all, you have to create an account at

  • Enter the Required Details: To access your account as a registered and active user, you have to enter your personal information such as name and email. You also have to create a unique and strong password for your account.

  • Now, you can easily share the posts that reflect the meaning of peace and how the world is affected by conflicts.

World Peace Day is a great day to look beyond religions, race, borders to connect like minds for a common goal "PEACE"!

To join the online community, just log on to