Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how we secure your personal information we collect when you go through our website This privacy policy governs when you are on our website, you also consent to the share, disclosure, storage and other uses of your personal details as mentioned in the policy; please read it carefully.

What This Privacy Policy Involves

This privacy policy involves our treatment with your information we received when you are accessing our website. This policy is not applied to the third party practices that we do not own, manage or control. We don't take any responsibility for the or content of those third parties. We recommend you to review the policy carefully of all the third party practices you come across.

What Details We Collect and How We Use It

Account Information:

When you create your account at, we will require your personal details such as username, age, password and email address. We may use your account information to improve and enhance the services, which include personalization. We also use your email address in order to verify your account and to send you any notifications.

Email Communications with Us:

According to our services, you may receive certain notifications or have communications from us via email (e.g. for purposes of the password reset or account recovery). We also may send you other mails, that you can access either from the “Opt-Out” link in the emails or from your Account Settings page. Also, we send two types of email one with some important detail about your account and one about any stuff happing on World Love LL.

Note: We never send you any email to ask for your password or other account details; you can forward the same to us if you get such an email.

User Content:

The post you share publicly is accessible to everyone. At its heart, World Love LL is a public platform. Don’t be hesitated to share amazing posts including, positive quotes, images or videos that spread humanity, love and peace.

Information Related to Your Web Browser:

We automatically record details from your browser when you access the services, such as your version of the browser, your operating system, what device you are using, your preference to language, your screen display detail, date and time of the request you make and so on. We use browser-related information and the IP address for a better user experience.

Information About Your Contacts:

We help you to get connected with other members who are using this website. We will give you an option on whether or not you share information about your contacts.

Security of Your Information

You can ensure the security of your account information by a password. We may enable extra security features such as multi-factor authentication. This will help you to prevent unauthorized access to your information and account by creating a secure, protect and unique password while limiting access to your browser and computer by log out when you are done accessing your account on the services. We strive to protect your detail (including your account detail) to make you stay assured that it is kept private. However, we can’t guarantee the security of your information in case of hardware or software failure, unauthorized access and related factors that may compromise the security of your details all of a sudden. It’s highly recommended that you have created a unique password for all your accounts including your account at World Love LL. If you often struggle remembering passwords then you can start using services like LastPass or 1Password. World Love LL will retain your account information only when it is to fulfill the purposes to set out this Privacy Policy when you are an active user at World Love LL. If you no longer want World Love LL to use your details to deliver you with the website services, you can close your account and World Love LL will delete all the account details it holds unless we require to retain and store your details to comply with legal obligations, to enforce agreements, to resolve disputes, or if permitted by law.

What Information You Can Access

If you are an active user, you can access information by just logging into your account and checking your particular page for Account Settings. You can even access and delete cookies by visiting your web browser settings.

How to Delete Your Account and What Happens If You Delete Your Account

To delete your account with World Love LL, you have to visit the “Account Settings” page or you can email us and share the proof of authority with your account. Deleting your account may not completely remove the content you have posted, as copies, backups and references to your account information may not be removed immediately. Furthermore, your public activity ( including videos or images) may remain stored on our servers and visible to people connected with us. You can share unlimited great things on World Love LL surely, but it is a time to say goodbye, you’re free to remove your account for any reason and at any time. It will be done immediately, but it might take some time to remove everything from our backups and archives. As we said earlier, it is quite hard to delete something once it is published onto the internet, thus make sure that you are publishing only those stuff that you really want to publish.

Modifications to This Privacy Policy

We may make modifications in this Privacy Policy from time to time by utilizing the process involved in our Terms of Service set for modifications.

Where to Direct Concerns or Questions

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this privacy policy, you can feel free to send us a message directly.